Tuscaloosa Sheriff's Office

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The Tuscaloosa County Homicide Unit was formed in November, 1973. At that time four (4) employees were assigned to the multi-agency metro unit: two (2) investigators from the Sheriff's Office and two (2) from The Tuscaloosa Police Department.

The Homicide Unit has exclusive jurisdiction in the county for all investigations of homicide, unexplained death, sexual offenses, suicides, kidnappings and any other violent crimes against a person. 

At the present time twelve (12) investigators are assigned to the Homicide Unit. This includes four (4) investigators who investigate Domestic Violence cases only. Currently investigators are assigned from: The Tuscaloosa Sheriff's Office, Tuscaloosa Police Department, Northport Police Department and the University of Alabama Police Department.

The Homicide Unit is housed at the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Homicide Unit is headed by Sgt, Dale Phillips and falls under the Investigative Services Group which is headed by Lt. Gary Hood.

Domestic Violence Unit

The Domestic Violence unit is a subsection of Homicide. Currently there are four investigators assigned exclusively tot he follow-up and prosecution of domestic violence cases. These investigators handle a great number of cases monthly and work closely with the support organizations to assist the victims of these crimes. Alabama has greatly strengthened the scope and punishment for acts of domestic violence in the last few years.

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