Tuscaloosa Sheriff's Office

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MarijuanaThe West Alabama Narcotics Task Force (WANTF) is the county's metro unit of cooperative narcotics investigations. This unit is comprised of experienced investigators that work all areas of narcotics investigations. The unit is housed at the Tuscaloosa Police Department and is made up of investigators from the Sheriff's Office, the University of Alabama Department of Public Safety, Tuscaloosa Police, and the Northport Police Department.

Investigators engage in demanding investigations on a daily basis. These often include search warrant executions and undercover investigations to deter the trafficking and use of illegal drugs. On occasion, the unit also assists federal agencies and the Alabama Department of Public Safety with joint investigations. Drug Money

The unit's strengths rest in this cooperative environment and pooling of resources to create synergy among agencies. Much of the financial needs not covered by the member agencies is covered by grants and proceeds from civil forfeitures. Contact Sgt. John Barker with any tips or concerns about drug activity in your community.

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