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Criminal Investigation

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is responsible for the investigation of crimes committed in Tuscaloosa County by both adults and juveniles. The crimes range from Robbery, Burglary, Financial Crimes, Theft of Property, Misdemeanor Assaults, Domestic Violence, and Sex Offender Compliance. 

There are (8) Investigators assigned to four districts.  Investigators are trained in utilizing the latest technology to assist in the investigation of crimes. Specialized training is stressed within the division and includes photography, voice stress analysis, electronic tracking devices, video surveillance, electronic forensics and crime scene processing. 

The Criminal Investigations Division is supervised by Lt. Scott Taylor.

Internal Affairs is also a component of the Criminal Investigations Division and is supervised by Sgt. Josh Hastings.

Criminal Investigations falls under the Investigative Services Group which is headed by Captain Jack Kennedy.

You may reach the Criminal Investigations Division by phone at (205) 464-8650.