See Something Say Something. That is a familiar term you hear regularly from Law Enforcement and Homeland Security. Everyone can be involved to ensure we keep Tuscaloosa County Safe and give our citizens the quality of life they deserve. If you See Something that is suspicious, no matter what it is, Report and Inform. You may stop a person from being victimized and you may save a life. If it is an Emergency, Dial 911.

It seems everyone has a cell phone or tablet. And with our app, you can become a member of our Virtual Neighborhood Watch. You can submit an Anonymous Tip to us with the option of submitting a photo. Whether it's a person who is wanted, Crime in your Neighborhood, Suspicious Person/Vehicle or a School Tip from a student. All tips submitted are truly Anonymous.


Visit the iTunes App Store or Google Play store to download the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office Official App. Here are the links:


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Click on the links below for more information on how to start and maintain a Neighborhood Watch:

If you would start your own Neighborhood Watch, contact Deputy Jessica McDaniel at  (205) 464-8631 or email her at