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In keeping with the latest technologies available to fighting crime and criminal activity, the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office incorporated an Aviation Unit in 2000 to further our crime fighting arsenal. E.A.G.L.E., an acronym for Efficient Air Ground Law Enforcement consist of two OH-58 Helicopters. The helicopters are used for several types of operations including air surveillance, patrol support, search and rescue, assist in criminal investigations and to assist in court case preparation. The helicopters are equipped with a FLIR ( Forward Looking Infrared Camera), state of the art mapping system, MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) and night vision capabilities that rival those used currently by our nations military. The unit is staffed by four pilots. In addition, three deputies are Tactical Officers who operate the wide array of technologies that are used on board EAGLE and maintain communications with ground operations.

Questions regarding the Sheriff's Office Air Patrol program can be directed to here.

"EAGLE makes personnel management more efficient by allowing us to keep deputies on the street that would otherwise be tied up on long term transport duties. It's a lot faster and more direct than driving. When we need an airborne platform to support an ongoing operation, EAGLE has provided a low cost solution." - Sheriff Ron Abernathy