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The Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office Training Facility is a state of the art training center in rural Tuscaloosa County equipped for every type of law enforcement instruction. It sits on 63 acres of wooded terrain with multiple capabilities. They include:

Training Features:

  • Sacon live fire shoot house
  • Mock school building for ALERRT/Simmunition training
  • Breaching area with mechanical/explosive breaching capabilities
  • Fully functioning school bus for rescue training
  • Mobile home with BTI breach door for entry and clearing training
  • 40’ rappel tower with two rappel platforms
  • Three shooting ranges, turning target system with running man
  • Milo Range Shooting simulator

 · Two classrooms with audio/visual equipment

  • Gun Cleaning room
  • Dorms to sleep 23+ students
  • Kitchen
  • Showers and restrooms
  • Student Lounge with wifi and DirecTV
  • Obstacle course
  • 63 acres of wooded terrain
  • Grappling Room