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Deputy Sheriff

Provides law enforcement services to Tuscaloosa County, with primary responsibilities to the courts of Tuscaloosa County, unincorporated areas, including the performance of basic law enforcement tasks of protecting life and property, preserving the peace, preventing and suppressing crime, the apprehension of violators of the law.

Job Duties

  • Enforce all laws of the State of Alabama and United States of America
  • Answer calls for service
  • Initial investigation of reported or observed crimes
  • Prepare reports of incidents reported or observed
  • Record and preserve evidence found at crime scenes
  • Respond to scenes of emergency
  • Investigate complaints received from the public
  • Patrol to prevent and suppress crime
  • Maintain law and order at public events
  • Serve civil paperwork, warrants, writs an etc. issued by the courts
  • Observe and inspect drivers, vehicles and roadways
  • Assist and supervise traffic movement
  • Arresting or citing traffic violators
  • Perform other duties as assigned to meet needs of the department